Skills needed for Grips Qualification

University of the Arts London Level 2 Diploma Grip NVQ

Grips must have excellent up-to-date knowledge of all camera-support equipment. They should be enthusiastic about mechanics and assembling equipment, and have a passion for finding creative solutions to technical problems. This position is health & safety critical therefore all grips must have a great awareness in this area.

Key skills include:

  • good leadership skills;
  • initiative and the ability to respond quickly to different situations;
  • ability to help realise a director/DoP’s artistic vision in practical terms;
  • ability to collaborate and to work as part of a team;
  • diplomacy and sensitivity when working with artists and other crew;
  • a high level of physical stamina and strength;
  • since a camera grip has to lift and pull heavy equipment, they need a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures.

This qualification is based on a set of industry standards drawn up by industry professionals within Creative Skillset.

This Qualification is made up of 7 sections, called units. Each unit describes what you must be able to demonstrate and can competently do on production. Being competent means that you can do a task to a skilful level, understand why it is done that way and usually are able to solve problems associated with the role

Unit  Number

Unit Title


Contribute to good working relationships


Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety


Rig static mounts for a production


Lay basic flat track


Rig camera dollies


Rig remote heads and systems


Track the camera

Entry requirements

Minimum two years experience in the industry working as a grip, before you can apply for a Level 2 NVQ qualification. Grips should also be in possession of a clean driving license. Some health and safety certification is desirable too.

How to apply

Places to take the grips NVQ are limited, in the first instance please contact Emily Man on 0207 713 9851 to register your interest, then visit here.

How is the course assessed?

These qualifications are awarded by University of the Arts London and delivered/assessed by Creative Skillset Craft & Technical Skills Academy at Ealing Hammersmith & West London College. Upon acceptance to the qualification, you will be interviewed then allocated an a qualified assessor who will carry out three work based assessments. You will also be required to write up log-books and provide photographic evidence. The qualification can take up between 3 – 24 months to complete.

We are also funding a series of Masterclasses for professional grips. These workshops are aimed at trainee grips and those taking their Level 2 qualifications. For more info please visit here.